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We believe that when you change a person’s financial literacy, you change their lives. Our job as financial professionals is to educate people on the basics of how money works and help them learn more so they can live better, do more, dream bigger.

In over 12 years as financial professionals, we’ve helped families achieve their financial dreams:

  • Purchase Home
Purchasing a home
  • Create a rainy day fund
Create wealth, a rainy day fund - cash flow
  • Save up for their kid's college
Save up for your kids college
  • Prepare for retirement
Prepare for retirement

Carlos Roman

Meet Carlos Roman - Founder of Roman Financial Services. Licensed finance professional with the following services:

Personal Finance


Credit Repair

Financial Education

Index IUL

Index Annuity

Life Insurance

Tax Free Retirement

Real Estate

Auto Sales

Business Orientation

Picture and photography of Carlos Roman

Iris Roman

Meet Iris Roman - Co-Founder of the company. Licensed finance professional with the following services:

Taxes - Personal & Business


Preparation of Corporation

Credit Repair

Real Estate Accounting

Business Orientation

Photo of iris roman

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